Nutrisystem Lean 13 Review – Is the New & Improved Turbo 10 (Lean 13) Worth the Buy?

nutrisystem lean 13 reviews

First of all, Nutrisystem isn’t just one weight loss program but a whole system or collection of programs. Unlike other fly-by-night programs, Nutrisystem doesn’t promise any quick-fix, over-night successes—instead, it introduces lifestyle and nutritional management changes that, if implemented consistently and faithfully, will help people lose weight naturally, safely and gradually.

Instead of asking you to count calories, learn to cook nutritiously or take over your life in other ways, Nutrisystem has done much of the homework involved in deciding what to eat—accordingly, they provide expertly measured, researched and prepared meals to be consumed over a 28-day period. Each meal has just the right quantity/configuration of nutrients for an average adult.

In 2017 Nutrisystem launched yet another program called Nutrisystem Lean 13 which, like the other programs in the system, is getting mostly positive reviews.

In fact, some people are claiming that it has exceeded their expectations, ostensibly because of their having achieved significant weight loss results.

This review is meant to be an objective comprehensive evaluation of this new program. To that end, we looked at a number of different areas, including plan details, the pros, and cons, benefits to be expected, etc.


Nutrisystem Lean 13 is, first of all, intended for those persons who have been looking for a safe and effective weight reduction system that they can participate in without the burdens of literally having to become a nutrition expert, a weight-loss cook, and someone who can manage such a thing independently and without much guidance.

Unfortunately, most people don’t have the discipline or willpower to make most diet programs work, especially the type where they won’t have anyone guiding them, monitoring their progress and holding them responsible for their success. The reason Nutrisystem works for many people is that it doesn’t make those same mistakes seen in other weight control diet plans.

nutrisystem lean 13 goals

Nutrisystem provides guidance but doesn’t try to control every aspect of your dietary experiences—in fact, your input is welcome; you are also given some leeway in terms of your dietary plan. Without your input and willingness to participate, no diet plan will work–it’s that simple!

Nutrisystem works because it gives you what most people must have: choices. You decide what plan best fits your needs and special circumstances. You also get to choose your menu, being able to select from a wide, fulfilling variety. The system then offers you convenience; as a general rule, what you order arrives at your front door ready to be consumed within 4 to 10 days.nutrisystem lean 13 works howThe meals that come to you have been expertly designed, planned and packaged with people like you in mind. “People like you?”—yes, you know, people who are serious about eating healthy, losing weight safely and effectively, and who want to get back to a healthy lifestyle.

nutrisystem lean 13 package

Many things are taken into account when designing these meals, including things like how many calories an average adult needs per day (depending on your lifestyle), which nutrients are most necessary for proper health, what foods are most likely to hurt and benefit your health, and important medical concepts like the Glycemic index.

The idea is to limit the consumption of excessive amounts of fat, cholesterol, carbohydrates, glucose, and fructose, while, at the same time, making sure that you get an adequate amount of each of these things. As it turns out, even cholesterol is an essential nutrient so it’s not a good idea to completely get rid of cholesterol from a diet; the same goes for lipids or fats.

The human body needs a certain amount of healthy fats every day—this is especially important for children, athletes, nursing moms and pregnant women.

nutrisustem lean 13 nutrientsNutrisystem meals also take into account the nutritional needs of people with special dietary needs, like the elderly and diabetics.

Meals are designed to contain basic food components in proper moderation. Remember, for example, that even diabetics need glucose—without glucose cells would die off.

What you don’t want, are diets that offer excessive amounts of certain things—in the case of diabetics, that would be carbohydrates, sucrose, and fructose, all of which provide glucose.

All of these can be eaten, but in quantities that are easily managed by the body. Actually, this goes for healthy adults also. Excessive consumption of things like sugar is one of the reasons people gain too much weight. Excessive amounts of fats and sugar consumed, if not needed by an active, well-exercised human being, are easily turned into body fat by the human body.

The entire Nutrisystem line is designed to help you make the best of what you eat every day so that you, first of all, stop gaining weight; secondly, this system will help you lose the extra weight you’ve gained over time. Since it took years to get where you are right now, though, isn’t reasonable to expect that approximately the same amount of time will be needed to lose it?

Actually, you can lose weight more quickly than you gained it, but the point is that neither process can be rushed. This is why none of the Nutrisystem plans offer a get-thin-quick scheme. This is one of many assurances that you can take to heart.

What Is Nutrisystem Lean 13?

what nutrisystem lean 13

The Nutrisystem Lean 13 is actually a promotional offer that entails receiving a whole week’s worth of meals meant to super-charge the effects of the Nutrisystem programs. To access this offer, you have to buy one of their meal plans.

Note: Lean 13 is basically Nutrisystem new & improved version of Turbo 10!

Those who accept this offer receive a quick starting weight loss plan designed to help anyone lose 13 pounds and 7 to 8 inches in the very first month. That first week will include a Turbo Takeoff plan that includes:

  • Seven TurboShakes full of probiotics and protein for good digestive health and to help get rid of belly fat
  • Seven days of special breakfast, lunch and dinner meals
  • Seven NutriCrush nutritional bars (to get rid of cravings)
  • And a “Daily Tracker” tool to keep tabs on progress

After you complete that first week, you’ll transition into the standard plan or the main plan that you had chosen which also includes an additional 3-week tracking system.

If you have been struggling to find the right diet for yourself, new lean 13 Nutrisystem was designed to help you find a diet plan that fits your very unique needs, desires and circumstances.

This promotional program is meant to bring in from the cold anyone that has heard about Nutrisystem but still hasn’t made up his/her mind. The Lean 13 program is basically a “welcome home” introductory package that is meant to prove to you that, yes, safe and effective plans can work for you.

In essence, Lean 13 is meant for skeptics, for those still standing on the fence and for those that want proof before they will sign on the dotted line.

Confident that Nutrisystem can work if, given the right commitment and input, the designers of this plan are basically saying “Yes, we can help you—why don’t you just give us a try and see what we can do?”

Which Foods Do They Include in the Lean 13 Program?

nutrisystem lean 13 foodsAll the foods in this program contain just the right amounts of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, fat, fiber, proteins, etc. But, unlike the bad diets that some people follow, this program uses these nutrients in the right ratios. For example, it increases fiber and whole grains while reducing fat/cholesterol intake. But this system isn’t short on taste or selection.

The meals provided offer great taste, variety, and zestiness, to boot. To add to the nutrition value, these meals don’t contain artificial sweeteners, flavors or food colors. Natural ingredients, fruits, vegetables, lean meats—all these things are featured in the meals. View or Print Nutrisystem Food Menu List!

What Are the Main Benefits of this Program?

nutrisystem lean 13 benefits

The main benefits of this program include:

  • If you participate faithfully and follow the plan, you will lose some weight, hopefully enough to convince you that Lean 13 was a good investment on your part.
  • Loss of weight without overdoing it at the gym; in other words, everything in moderation is good but some people try to lose weight just through exercise. You must also eat right if you want to lose weight safely.
  • The need to spend less time planning and preparing meals; think of all the extra time you’ll have each week!
  • The lack of stress that comes with knowing that your meals are taken care of each week. Cooking can be very stressful for many people.
  • Reduced medical costs; there is no question that being overweight can lead to many medical issues and diseases. Or it can make medical problems worse. Losing weight will mean not only feeling healthier but, in most cases, also being healthier.
  • The meals provided are easily less expensive than what you’d pay if you eat out a lot; in this regard, the plan can save you money.
  • Almost every day you hear of a mishap at a local restaurant. The meals you are provided with are bound to be much safer than those served at a restaurant.
  • You can choose from a huge variety of meals available. There is enough here to keep your taste buds humming for months to come.
  • You are less likely to gain weight from over-eating if the meals you eat are pre-measured. These meals give you just the right amounts you need, without compromising your weight goals.

Is Exercise Part of the Nutrisystem Lean 13 Program?

nutrisystem lean 13 is exercising require

Although you would do well to engage in regular physical activities, Nutrisystem does not force you to engage in any one type of exercise program—more importantly, no burdens will be put on you for which your body may not be ready.

Then again, Nutrisystem does encourage everyone (with the approval and monitoring of your physician) to engage in about 150 minutes of moderate physical exercise every week. This can be as simple as walking at a good pace for at least 30 minutes each day. By all means, consult with your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

How Can Nutrisystem Lean 13 Help You?

The Nutrisystem Lean 13 can help you lose weight by setting a preliminary goal of losing 13 pounds within a specific amount of time. Any goal setting expert will tell you that the best goals are those that are measurable, quantifiable and realistic. Well, all of the goals in the Nutrisystem Lean 13 qualify.

The Lean 13 program can work because it encourages you to achieve from the get-go. It sets the bar for you at a place that you can conquer, unlike many unrealistic diet plans. Finally, it allows you to keep track of your progress, culminating in an opportunity to continue the progress you achieved by enrolling in one of the most effective programs that have been introduced anywhere: the Nutrisystem program.

Does Nutrisystem Lean 13 Really Work?

You know the Nutrisystem Lean 13 program works because many of the people who’ve tried it say it does. It works because it is portion controlled—in other words, you don’t have to do that calorie counting exercise everyone hates. It works because it provides a balanced nutrition—the meals provide the right amounts of nutrition and calories you need to stay active and healthy.

It works because it provides frequent, satisfying meals, including hunger-crushing, delicious snacks. Finally, it works because everything has been carefully-calculated, including the calories, fat, carbohydrates, sugar, etc. The foods you will eat are simply healthier than alternatives, including meals you can prepare yourself every day.

NutriSystem Plans That Include Lean 13

nutrisystem lean 13 plans

What’s good about the Lean 13 program is that it can be the introduction to any of the meal plans in the Nutrisystem line-up. In line with its commitment to always give members choices, Nutrisystem doesn’t limit what plan you can enter after you complete your Lean 13 protocols. The Lean 13 promotion applies no matter what subsequent choices you make.

Here are all Nutrisystem Plans:

  • Basic
  • Core
  • Uniquely
  • Men’s
  • Diabetics
  • Vegetarian

Note: Details and prices vary with plans. View & compare all Nutrisystem plans here

What Types of Foods Can You Expect to Make/Eat with NutriSystem Lean 13?

nutrisystem lean 13 foods and grocery

Like everything else in the Nutrisystem lineup, everything your body needs to stay healthy and lose weight safely is part of the package in the Lean 13 plan. The idea is for you to faithfully try the pre-planned, packaged foods in order to meet the goals set for you. By agreeing to try this plan, you are in essence agreeing to eat just what’s included in the meal plan selected.

If you have taste preferences or dietary needs, you have the option of handpicking your food (Nutrisystem Custom Menu). Or, you can have Nutrisystem do the work for you with their “Favorites Pack” which consist of an assortment selection of their popular menu items.

Nutrisystem also gives you the option of mixing their food selection with your own with the guidance of their grocery guide (view or print).

To customize your existing Auto-Delivery order, simply edit your menu through the Manage Orders option via


Some of the positives of using Nutrisystem Lean 13 include:

  • You don’t have to count carbs, calories or points—Nutrisystem does that for you!
  • You get the right combination of nutrients that your body needs.
  • You will receive the high amount of fiber to keep you digestibly healthy, regular & generally feeling “full.”
  • You’ll get lots of lean & healthy protein with which to keep re-building healthy cells—for, indeed, the human body literally rebuilds itself every day.
  • You’ll enjoy low glycemic index carbohydrates—especially important for pre-diabetics, diabetics and, yes, people trying to lose weight.
  • You can choose from over 120 tasty, preservative-free & delicious meals—by the way, they’re also free from artificial colors, sweeteners, and flavors.
  • You will get the right type & quantities of fats, while also being protected from harmful trans fats.
  • You will have access to a team of professional counselors and educators—in other words, a good “support” system.
  • You’ll get free access to NuMi, a state-of-the-art weight losing help app.

The “cons” of the Lean 13 plan include:

  • Some people, especially those who love sugary, high-fat and “fast” foods, may find these much healthier alternatives not as tasty as what their taste buds are used to—rest assured, though, that this is merely a psychological illusion that you can, with help, overcome.
  • Some people with digestive issues may not find this plan entirely suitable. Some people, for example, have reported excessive bloating and gas—most probably from the high fiber content.
  • Some critics worry that there aren’t enough scientific studies to support the claims of success about Nutrisystem and Lean 13; well, some studies do exist, but more are indeed probably needed—but that goes for any other weight loss plan out there.

How & Where To Purchase Nutrisystem

In general, Nutrisystem is comparatively affordable, especially if you consider the automatic delivery option, the discounts available, and the special exclusive offers (like the Lean 13) that periodically come up.

To get the best possible price, it’s probably best if you order from Nutrisystem’s official website; this makes it possible to qualify for a humongous 40% discount and the extra, unique benefits that can only be accessed directly from Nutrisystem.

Nutrisystem Lean 13 Cost 

The Nutrisystem lean 13 cost can vary, depending on the weight loss plans you select.

Basic: 4-Week Total Price: $429.22 with One Time Delivery or 4-Week Price: $278.99
with Auto-Delivery.

Core: 4-Week Total Price:$459.98 with One Time Delivery or 4-Week Price: $298.99
with Auto-Delivery.

Uniquely Yours: 4-Week Total Price: $529.22 with One Time Delivery or 4-Week Price: $343.99 with Auto-Delivery.

Vegetarian: 4-Week Total Price: $590.75 with One Time Delivery or

Today’s Deal: Click Here to Save 40% On NutriSystem Lean 13 (All Plans) Plus FREE Bars & Shakes & Free FedEx Shipping Today! (Offer Expires Soon!)

Are There Any Program Restrictions? 

There are some people for whom Lean 13 may not be ideal—they include:

  • Anyone allergic to peanuts, soy, or latex
  • Pregnant females
  • Anyone suffering from anorexia nervosa or bulimia
  • Chronic disease patients
  • Diabetics or pre-diabetics
  • Persons requiring a ketogenic or gluten-free diet.
  • Anyone who has experienced serious problems with high fiber diets
  • Children under 14—they aren’t qualified for Nutrisystem programs.
  • Adolescents between 14 and 17 years need special meal plans and physician approval; this goes for nursing Moms
  • Women weighing over 400 and men over 450 pounds must have doctor approval for Nutrisystem participation

Like any other weight loss plan out there, Nutrisystem Lean 13 isn’t perfect, nor is it for everyone. But, if you have the drive, the motivation and the will to lose that excess weight, new lean 13 Nutrisystem may just be the answer.

The weight loss plan with the best promise for success is one that motivates you to eat right, provides all the nutrition you need (while protecting you from bad things, like too many preservatives), is relatively safe, and comes with a good support team/structure.

Well, Lean 13 has all that and more. Can it help you lose weight—since it has helped others, why wouldn’t it work also for you?

What Do You Think?

You are hereby invited to submit your Nutrisystem lean 13 reviews. Have you tried it yet? What did you like about it and what did you not? Did you lose any weight? How much? Would you recommend it to friends and family members? Your input will help other people get motivated and, if enough people vouch for it, maybe it will help them also lose some weight. Feel free to share your feedback and experience with us and our readers in the comment section below.

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