BistroMD Meal Delivery Review | How It Works, Results, Meals and More!

A Complete Review of BistroMD

What is BistroMD?

BistroMD is a healthy meal delivery program that offers primarily low-calorie meals designed to help people lose weight. But even though the menus are created to focus on weight loss, it is appropriate for many diet plans.

The personalized meal delivery plan brings pre-cooked, frozen meals to your door once a week. This healthy eating plan is quite different from other diet programs in that it focuses on the science of food combinations rather than simply counting calories and restricting portions.

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Where is BistroMD Located?

Operating out of Naples, Florida, BistroMD has been around since 2005. Board certified bariatric physician (weight loss doctor) Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D., and her self-described “foodie” husband Ed Cederquist created the program to be both effective and delicious. As a bariatric physician, Dr. Cederquist specializes in medical weight management that helps overweight and obese patients lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way. Today, Dr. Cederquist and her husband work with a team of registered dieticians to create healthy, nutritious and satisfying meals, shipped nationwide.

Science Makes BistroMD Different

Unlike many weight loss diets whose founders focus solely on low calories and small portions, Cederquist’s BistroMD provides a nutritionally balanced approach that helps dieters stay healthy while they lose weight. Like other diets, meals in the BistroMD weight loss plan total 1,100-1,400 calories daily, for example. Unlike other meals, though, BistroMD meals are nutritionally balanced so that 40 to 50 percent of the total caloric intake is from lean protein, 20 to 25 percent of calories come from healthy fats, and 30 to 35 percent of calories come from complex carbohydrates.

The BistroMD diet is different from other low-calorie diets in that it uses a science-backed approach to metabolism correction. Metabolism is the process by which your body converts what you eat and drink into energy. What you eat can change your metabolism – eating junk food can slow your metabolism so you gain weight and feel sluggish, for example, while eating healthy foods can rev up your metabolism to help you lose weight and feel energized.

Metabolism correction does not happen overnight, though, and it requires a steady diet of highly nutritious food in the right portions. BistroMD weight loss entrees contain a scientific balance of complex carbohydrates, such as vegetables, whole grains and fiber, along with lean protein and healthy fats.

BistroMD is also different in that Registered Dieticians ensure that every weekly menu’s nutrition plan for weight loss and every healthy entree follow the nutritional platform created by its physician founder. The dieticians also arrange the order in which you should eat the meals throughout the week to maximize each meal’s health benefits. As a client, you can speak with your dietician at any time, free of chart.

BistroMD offers a wide variety of dietary plans. In addition to their standard weight loss plans for men and women, BistroMD offers gluten-free, heart healthy, diabetic and menopause diets. BistroMD also has a snack program, Essential and Tasty Snacks (EATS), which promises to accelerate weight loss by changing your metabolism.

How Can BistroMD Help You?

Do you want to lose weight by eating healthy foods, but don’t want to spend all of your time shopping and cooking? BistroMD may be the diet plan for you.

BistroMD can help you revolutionize your lifestyle and transition your eating habits away from junk food and towards healthier foods. Depending on your personal health goals, this individualized food delivery program can help you lose weight, improve your heart health, deal with menopause, or to just enjoy delivered, prepared meals that are gluten-free, diabetes-friendly, or vegetarian.

The plan is helpful for anyone looking for a weight loss program but does not have time to prepare and cook meals. The meal plan is also educational, in that you will learn about balanced nutrition and portion sizes as you lose weight.

 If you are like most people on the diet plan, you can lose one to two pounds each week that you are on BistroMD. Most people following the BistroMD program can see and feel the difference in just 2 to 3 weeks. It may take up to 6 months to notice a difference in your metabolism.

The Registered Dieticians at BistroMD can help you lose the most weight possible in a healthy and sustainable way.

BistroMD Program Descriptions and Costs

BistroMD offers four different meal programs. Each offers a different daily meal structure and costs. BistroMD has recently reduced their prices.

Full Program – 7 Days

The Full Program includes six dinners, seven breakfasts and seven lunches per week. This 6-dinner program allows one “My Night” each week, which is a structured break that gives you a chance to practice what you have learned about healthy eating.

Cost: Was 179.95, is now $134.96

Full Program – 5 Days

The 5-day Full Program includes five breakfasts, five lunches, and five dinners weekly.

Cost: Was $149.95, is now $112.46

Lunches & Dinners – 7 Days

The 7-day Lunches and Dinners program includes seven lunches and seven dinners each week.

Cost: Was $149.95, is now $112.46

Lunches & Dinners – 5 Days

This program includes lunches and dinners for five days each week.

BistroMD offers promotional discounts. Currently, they are offering 25 percent off plus free shipping on your first week.

BistroMD Foods

BistroMD offers more than 150 entrees, so mealtime is always exciting. Breakfasts include:

  • Italian-style omelets
  • Bagel sandwich with egg, caramelized onion, mushroom and Swiss cheese
  • Artichoke, spinach and roasted red pepper frittatas
  • Canadian bacon and Swiss omelets
  • 7-grain waffles with strawberry compote
  • Caramelized mushroom and onion frittatas
  • Apple cinnamon oatmeal with scrambled eggs
  • Homestyle waffles with scrambled eggs and maple syrup
  • Bagel sandwich with egg, roast beef and pepper jack cheese

Lunch and dinner entrees include:

  • Lasagna with garden marinara
  • Pork tenderloin with mushroom marsala
  • Salmon with dill mustard sauce
  • Beef with red wine sauce and barley
  • Blackened chicken with creamy smoked paprika sauce
  • Meatloaf with honey bourbon glaze
  • Manicotti with vodka marinara sauce
  • Tilapia with orange parsley sauce
  • Hickory smoked BBQ pork with broccoli

Snacks include:

  • Salted caramel pecan
  • Cran-grape punch
  • Espresso fudge cookie bites
  • Very berry boost
  • Nuts about chocolate
  • Decadent cherry chocolate
  • Chocolate espresso cheesecake
  • Dark chocolate coconut

Customers Reviews and Testimonials

The BistroMD website shares a number of customer reviews and testimonials. On October 5th, 2019, Suzanne L. said, “Proper nutrition is most important to me. Next would be imaginative and creative menus. Bistro MD takes top prize in both categories for me.”

Just a few days prior, Jodie G said, “I primarily signed up for the service in solidarity with my husband. I wanted to lose an extra 10 pounds that I’ve been carrying around for a while. 3.5 weeks later I was down 10 pounds. I never felt hungry and I found the food to be quite tasty. The only thing I found confusing was keeping up with the deadlines but even that got easier as time went on. I think this is a great program for anyone that doesn’t want to workout and hates to feel hungry. It’s definitely worth the money.”

Jeanne A. provided a review saying, “Really…. good food consistently! 70 yrs young. Good, responsive company that keeps their word. I do love the food. Tastes yummy, good portions & many entries to pick from, so you don’t get bored. Am on gluten free & love it, find it very helpful, as well as very tasty. Look forward to it every day! Nice and simple to cook/micro, too. What more could one want? Nice, well proportioned, healthy delicious food in a couple minutes. Well worth the money. Pick how many days you want it. A winner!!!”

Pros & Cons

As with any diet, there are benefits and drawbacks with BistroMD. While everyone’s experience may differ, some common pros and cons have emerged.


  • Uses science-based principles of metabolism correction
  • Variety – Each week, you can choose from more than 150 mouthwatering, chef-prepared meals
  • Features real food rather than dehydrated or powdered foods
  • Several levels from which to choose, based on your needs and lifestyles
  • Takes all the guesswork out of meal planning – simply eat the meals you requested in the order your Registered Dietician suggests
  • Nutritionally balanced meals delivered right to your door
  • Well-packaged frozen foods that arrive in an insulated box and packaged in dry ice
  • Vacuum-sealed in plastic to preserve freshness
  • Clearly labeled with an ingredients list and nutritional information, which can help you determine how many calories and nutrients you should consume in a meal 
  • Contains proper serving sizes, which helps you recognize ideal serving sizes even when you are not eating BistroMD meals
  • Fast, easy preparation – simply defrost and toss into the microwave or hot water bath for hot meals that are ready in less than 5 minutes
  • Free, unlimited support from a registered dietician


  • Costs – Depending on your grocery budget and whether you normally eat at home or at a restaurant, BistroMD may seem pricy for food you will eat at home; even at the new reduced prices on the website, the 7-day program costs more than $19 per day and the 5-day program costs about $22.50 a day per person
  • Perishable – While dry ice should keep your food safely frozen for quite a while, delivery times may mean that your food sits on your doorstep for hours before you have a chance to freeze it
  • No maintenance plan, which can make it hard for you to maintain your weight loss after you stop following the plan
  • Tight deadlines for making adjustments to your meal, or to skip a delivery
  • Adjustment period – healthy meals are much different from the takeout and fast food included in the modern Western diet, so it may take you some time to adjust to the taste of BistroMD; such a drastic change may lead to cravings for unhealthy or fattening foods

Where & How to Purchase BistroMD

You can purchase BistroMD by going to their website, where the personalized meal planning starts the moment you join. Begin by selecting a plan and a delivery schedule. BistroMD will send you an email with which you verify your personal and billing information. You will also receive an email from FedEx that contains the order’s tracking number.

Once you’ve placed your order, a BistroMD registered dietician will create a custom diet program for you according to your specific personal situation. You can even discuss your plan with the dietician and ask nutrition questions at any time. The open line of communication with your dietician is especially helpful if you have diabetes or other health concerns.

You can log into your BistroMD account at, where you can access and control the meals you receive each week. There, you can review your menu, make edits, set taste preferences, and make other adjustments to personalize your meals further. You can even skip a delivery week, so you will never have to worry about receiving a delivery while you are away.

BistroMD is a recurring program, which means you enter the information only once and it automatically renews every week. The company accepts major credit cards. They process payments on Wednesdays after 5 PM EST and on Thursdays to cover the next week’s delivery. You will see a recurring weekly payment on your credit card statement.

BistroMD is a convenient food delivery program that can help you eat healthier. While many people choose BistroMD to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, others opt for the meal service simply to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Have you tried BistroMD? Please feel free to leave your own reviews – be sure to provide details about your experience to help others decide if BistroMD can help them lose weight or achieve their other health goals.