10 Best Weight Loss Tips for Women


Weight loss is a struggle and for some, it might be too difficult to overcome without some tips and tricks. There are a ton of different tips out there and some are great, while others, simply fall flat. These ten tips are great and will help any woman lose the weight she has been struggling with.

1. Don’t Get Too Hungry – often when we starve ourselves and get super hungry, we make impulse choices and eat things that are not great for us. We all know the feeling, we are so hungry that literally anything, even a candy bar, will suffice. It is important that you never let yourself get hungry to the point of desperation. If you need to, take snacks that are healthy with you to keep you tied over until you can eat a healthy lunch.


2. Come Up With a Calorie Budget – for some, counting calories is the only way they can lose weight. In these cases, it is important to come up with a calorie budget that works for you. The average daily allowances are based on a 2,000 calorie per day diet, something that is far too high for most women. You should take the time to figure your calorie budget and make sure you find snacks and foods that work with it.


3. Eat Immediately After Your Workout – you should eat as soon as you are done working out, the reason is simple. After a workout your metabolism and heart rate are supercharged. This means that any calories you take in right after a workout before your body has gone back to rest mode are going to be used up and are going to be efficiently used at that.


4. Red, Orange, Green Rule – this is a diet trick that actually works. Add something green, red and orange to each plate. This will help you add vegetables to your diet which is a necessity if you are looking to lose weight.


5. One Less Bite – if you are having trouble cutting back, try eating one less bite at each meal. This little trick can save up to 75 calories a day and can add up to nearly 8 lbs of weight loss each year. It is also a great way to start training your stomach and conditioning yourself to eat less at each meal to help you lose more weight faster and not feel super hungry doing it.


6. Drink, Water that is – our bodies are 60% water and as such we should be drinking half our body weight each day in water to maintain this balance. Why would drinking water help you lose weight? For starters, drinking an eight ounce glass of water before your meals can help you eat less by helping you feel fuller. It can also help keep your body from holding onto water weight .


7. Try Less Salt – salt is one of the biggest contributors to weight gain. You should take in less salt which will help you to lose weight and to kick feeling bloated. It will also help your body give up some of the water weight that it has been holding onto which will in turn help you weigh less.


8. Spicy Food – spicy foods are proven to help you lose weight and to help you curb your hunger and your cravings. Spicy foods capsaicin, the chemical in spicy foods, has been found to release feel good endorphins in the brain which can help you feel great and eat less.


9. Skip Diet Soda – diet soda actually makes you gain weight not lose it. Diet soda and the artificial sweeteners in them disrupt your ability to gauge the sweetness of foods which means that you might end up eating sweeter things without even noticing it.


10. Nutrient Balance over Calorie Counting – for those that simply cannot count calories, try balancing your nutrients, this can help you become more aware of what you are eating and therefore help you lose weight and be healthier overall in the short term and in the long term with better eating habits.

These are all great tips and any of them can help you on your weight loss journey and your journey toward being healthier.


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