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At Prodietreviews.com our mission is to provide you with insights and information to help you make informed lifestyle decisions. To do that, we provide articles, research and reviews on products and services in the lifestyle space. That includes topics in the realm of diets, workouts and meal delivery programs among many other subjects that affect health and quality of life. 

Pros Play It Straight. 

We are able to offer our users free content because we partner with a number of brands that we believe in to make a commission. When users on our site follow our links to get more information or make a purchase from one of our partners, we may receive compensation. To make sure we are transparent with you, our readers, we have labeled our advertising partners in the advertising disclosure on our site. If you click on the links in our content, we may be compensated. If you don’t, that’s ok too, we’re just glad you stopped by.

Insight Into Our Recommendations

When we list or recommend a brand we look past partnerships and remuneration. We endeavor to present product listings that incorporate numerous factors above and beyond our own relationships. That’s why we instruct our writers to support their reviews with research and an aggregation of publicly available information. This results in overall perspectives that are a combination of an individual’s personal experience and overall market analysis. 

Every brand supported on our website has been carefully considered by our team for quality and viability within their vertical. The products and services which we feel we can stand behind as consumers ourselves then undergo a review process conducted by an External Editorial Team (EET).

Our Editorial Process

We use an external editorial team of writers that are only paid for the time and effort required for their research and documentation. This ensures that comments, positions and determinations are free of conflicts of interest or financial incentives. 

The EET is instructed first and foremost to issue unbiased judgements in their assessments of all attributes of the product or service. The EET has been established in its current form to safeguard their opinions and determinations from any and all internal or external influences that might impact their perspectives. 

Outside of the impartial reviews conducted by our EET we use additional available data including data based product popularity indicators, customer reviews, customer service responses and comparative analysis to firmly establish our confidence in a comprehensive presentation of information and viewpoints. 

The arrangement of product listings may change at any time. At present, the order of appearance of products and services is a combined result of user-based behaviors, product popularity and partner performance. Partners may receive prominent placement on our website or marketing materials as a result of their performance and/or level of compensation. 

The products and services listed here are not an exhaustive list of products and services available in any given category and only represent a cross-section of products that have been selected by our team. The opinions stated are a reflection of our staff and our EET alone. 

At Prodietreviews.com, our goal is always to present information that is as objective and accurate as possible, we believe that a little skepticism is healthy, and that’s why we work so hard to earn your trust. 

With every review we aim for a broad and thorough appraisal of each product listed. This includes an assessment of what we perceive as the primary factors that would influence a buyer’s decision-making process. These factors may include considerations such as product details, product differentiators, the effectiveness, cost, pros and cons and other elements that our EET deems relevant. 

Additionally our EET is never compensated for reviewing a product or service favorably nor are they penalized for an unfavorable assessment. 

In addition to their own relevant experiences, our EET is encouraged to consider the positive and negative sentiment derived from other customer reviews and testimonials. The only goal we set for our EET is to inform and educate, to provide our community with an in-depth, honest and considered approach to any product or service. They are prohibited from collecting any incentives financial or otherwise from the brands featured on our site. Additionally the EET is kept entirely separate from marketing and business development teams to ensure the purity and neutrality of their appraisal. 

Our EET is completely separate from our marketing and business development team, to ensure that the opinions expressed by the EET are entirely free of financial considerations. 

We continue to aspire to offer the most complete and accurate information humanly possible. But as humans, we are subject to occasional human error. In the event we discover any omission, inaccuracy or new information becomes available, we will make corrections as quickly as possible. 

If you have any thoughts, questions comments or suggestions for Prodietreviews.com we encourage your feedback and ask that you connect with us at support@prodietreviews.com.