Top Spicy Foods with Amazing Health Benefits


We all love spicy food for the zing and blast they leave on the tongue. Tasty food is a favorite in many countries across the world, and most are blended into meals to give them an edge or make them better tasting.

Spicy food does not have to be hot but more often than not is full of desirable flavor. The best part of using spicy foods is that they are a natural source of cures for the body. Here are four spicy foods that not only give your food a likable taste but are full of health benefits.


Peppers come with different amounts of capsaicin, the heat causing compound. They also are the most common spices all around the world.

Research shows that peppers are reliable pain relievers and are used to treat gastrointestinal issues such as indigestion and discomfort as well as blood circulatory complications.

Chilies are also used to enhance appetite. Peppers will go with any cooked meal or salad for those looking to add a zing to their food while enjoying the health benefits.


Ginger belongs to the Zingiberaceae family of plants which is closely related to turmeric and cardamom. The rhizome originates from China and has been used for generations as both a spice and for medicinal purposes traditionally.

Ginger as a spice can reduce flues and colds as well as reduce inflammation. It has also been used as an additive for cosmetic products and is very common in most recipes including rice, all kinds of meat and salads.

The most active ingredient is known as gingerol, and it is responsible for most of the medicinal qualities mentioned above.


Garlic may not be a dramatic as peppers when it comes to taste but comes with a unique flavor when eaten raw. It contains Allicin is a special compound that gives it a unique flavor as well as immense health benefits.

Allicin provides the body with the power to fight diseases and infections such as the flu and colds. It may also have a more potent ability to help the body overcome Tuberculosis and botulism according to The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods by Michael T. Murray.

One of the many advantages of garlic is that it works with many meals ranging from burritos, rice, meat, and chicken to tacos.


Curries are mostly blended spices. The kick every curry has depends on the number of spices blended into it. Most recipes include cayenne powder containing capsaicin which is included in all curry mixtures.

There are various curry combinations with different peppers giving immense benefits in their ground raw from or even when cooked. Capsaicin has fiery flavor but can deal with gastrointestinal problems, osteoarthritis, and appetite according to MedlinePlus.


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