Lyfe Fuel All In One Meal Replacement Shake Review 2019

lyfe fuel meal replacement shake reviews

The decision to include a meal replacement shake as an essential part of a healthy lifestyle is made for various reasons. The convenience of having a quick and nutritional replacement for missed meals is attractive for those with busy schedules or jobs which require daily travel.

For others, meeting their full daily intake of vitamins and other nutrients in concert with weight management is key. And finally, meal replacement shakes can offset the massive energy crash that occurs in the hours following breakfast and lunch – especially when compared with vending machine snacks.

A high-quality, nutritious shake can also aid in your weight management goals while maintaining optimum nutrient levels; and the added benefit of appetite control with increased energy and focus appeals to many. To gain the maximum benefits from meal replacement shakes it is crucial to choose a quality product with a nutrient formulation aimed at quickly entering the circulatory system and is actively absorbed for maximum bioavailability.

life fuel key facts review shake

Lyfe Fuel All In One Meal Replacement Shakes is a product that addresses and solves the common problems associated with a number of less than optimum meal replacement shakes. The product is formulated to minimize or eliminate synthetically-derived vitamins and minerals, added sugar, and artificial ingredients. Key benefits found in Lyfe Fuel include:

  • Healthy plant proteins
  • Organic and non-GMO ingredients
  • All natural, Vegan ingredients
  • Gluten, soy, and dairy free
  • Full listing of vitamins and minerals
  • Essential supplements – such as D3, K2, Mg. CoQ10 and B12
  • Powerful superfoods and organic greens
  • Protective antioxidants and pre & probiotics
  • Digestive enzymes for maximum nutrient absorption

When reviewing meal replacement shakes, compare these six values to quickly weed out the non-players. They are calories, sugar, protein, fiber, carbs, and sodium. Lyfe Fuel scores high in providing the right amount of each – which are the macronutrients needed to support metabolic functions (breaking down and synthesizing compounds to derive cellular energy). Here is a breakdown for one serving of the Chocolate Essential Shake:

  • calories – 100
  • sugars – 2g
  • protein – 18 g or 36% DV
  • dietary fiber – 2g or 8% DV
  • total carbs – 6g or 2% DV
  • sodium – 40mg or 2% DV (from natural Sea Salt)

life fuel all in one facts reviewsWhen compared to the leading meal replacement shake from the #1 general nutrition superstore, Lyfe Fuel has slightly less protein but fares much better in sodium, sugar, and carbohydrate content – and with half the calories.

Actually, this product contains a considerably lower amount of calories over 5 of the 10 leading brands. Added sugars, artificial sweeteners and flavors are a major drawback for many “healthy” shakes prompting consumers to look for all-natural alternatives.

Lyfe Fuel All In One Meal Replacement Shake Key Facts

The Lyfe Fuel All In One Meal Replacement Shake boasts one of the most comprehensive plant-based ingredients lists you will find in the nutritional shakes market. We’ve broken down and listed the ingredients according to six key categories:

  1. Plant-based Proteins – yellow peas and sprouted brown rice
  2. Organic Greens – alfalfa sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, kale, parsley, chlorella, kelp, spirulinawheat grass, oat grass, and dandelion
  3. Antioxidant Super Fruits – wild blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, pomegranate, tart cherry, prune, grape seed extract, and grapefruit
  4. Superfoods and Spices – flax seed (provides Omega 3), raw cacao, vanilla bean, cinnamon, and sea salt
  5. Sweeteners – organic coconut sugar and Stevia leaf
  6. Synergistic Ingredients – Pre and Probiotics, digestive enzymes, vitamins, minerals, CoQ10VitaFiber™-IMO, Xanthan, and Guar Gum

The ingredients of Lyfe Fuel are nutrient-dense and made from organic whole foods. The result is not just a low-calorie meal replacement shake, but a targeted nutritional supplement that reduces sugar cravings while increasing metabolism. By sourcing high-quality plant-based ingredients, the brand is filling a niche for shakes that not only taste good – but are good.

The Lyfe Fuel Shakes contains 14 one scoop servings per package. If making your purchase directly from the product manufacturer’s website, you can also take advantage of the 21-day program bundle which can be used as a part of a structured plant-based ketogenic diet aimed at reducing carbs while increasing your body’s metabolic state, or ketosis.

The Daily Essential Shakes are available in Chocolate and Vanilla Chai flavors. If you’re not familiar with the popular Chai tea flavor, it consists of the subtle warmth of ginger and anise, the sweetness of cinnamon, and a hint of spiciness from black peppercorns.

Lyfe Fuel Chocolate & Vanilla Chai Nutrition Label

lyfe fuel meal replacement shake vanilla chai nutrition labellyfe fuel meal replacement shake chocolcate nutrition label

***Click to enlarge to view full nutrition label

The suggested serving calls for mixing 10 oz. of water, milk substitute, or other beverage with 1 scoop of Lyfe Fuel powder. It can be shaken, mixed, or blended to reach the desired consistency. Expect to get about 14 servings from each package. A visit to the company’s social media pages will give you access to a number of recipes – which quite frankly, look absolutely delicious!

Life Fuel Reviews & Testimonials

First off, Amazon verified users of Lyfe Fuel give this product an overall 4-star rating – 62% at 5-star and 9% of purchaser’s rated the product as a 1-star. Reading through the over 142 customer reviews of Lyfe Fuel, you will find most of the comments state that the product has a fairly good taste and a smooth consistency. Very few complained of an aftertaste (which is key for a good nutritional shake), and the meal replacement shake mixes very well, without leaving chunks of undissolved product.

Since taste is subjective, it is normal to find a wide range of opinions about any food or beverage. The Vanilla Chai seems to be a crowd favorite and overall the comments vary as:

  • no chalky aftertaste
  • zero flavors of Chai tea
  • used with unsweetened almond milk to improve the taste
  • best tasting protein supplement I’ve ever had
  • way too sweet
  • tastes great and mixes up smooth

Overall, the comments and reviews are positive for taste and smoothness (that is when mixed with a blender). What was interesting is the number of users of this product who mix it with bananas, strawberries, or frozen fruit blends. The additional fruit was said to fix any cravings for sugar, and mellow the taste. The reviews for consistency are inconsistent and can be associated with whether a blender is used or if the product is mixed with a spoon.

Reviews are pretty unanimous as to whether the shake is filling – the answer is yes. So, if curbing your hunger is a factor in selecting a meal replacement shake, this one seems to do the job. This goes in hand in hand with the high amount of protein, as many reviewers were impressed with the 18 grams in this shake. The many comments on feeling full after drinking Lyfe Fuel shakes will make this a good choice for weight loss.

Where to Purchase Life Fuel All in One Meal Replacement Shake

Lyfe Fuel all in one meal replacement shakes can be purchased in single packages, or the 21-day bundle which consists of one package each of the Vanilla Chai and the Chocolate flavors along with the 21 Day Transformation manual. The company offers a free manual download of the 21-day program for those who would like to “Live Your Fullest Everyday”.

Amazon also carries Lyfe Fuel All in One Meal Replacement shakes on its website. From the customer reviews on the, you can find many verified purchasers that have visited the Lyfe Fuel Facebook or Instagram page and have found wonderful recipes to keep your taste buds satisfied.

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Possible Side Effects

High-fiber meal replacement shakes can cause gas or bloating in some people, especially if they are replacing more than one meal a day with a protein shake. Any meal replacement shake should be used in addition to a conventional (but reduced) diet plan.

Since meal replacement shakes will create a feeling of satiety (filling full) it is important to continue to get the recommended amount of daily calories for your body weight. Rapid weight loss or eating too few calories can result in fatigue. Care should be taken to take in enough calories to sustain your daily activities.

Other possible side effects from replacing more than one meal per day with a meal replacement shake may occur for persons with chronic illnesses. In these cases, you should consult with a medical professional to ensure you are not violating any dietary restrictions which may pertain to your medical history.

What Do You You Think?

What has your experience been like with the Lyfe Fuel All in One Meal Replacement Shakes? The brand offers not just another path to weight loss, but a life-transforming lifestyle – which starts with eating natural, organic, plant-based foods. Share your reviews or personal experience with us and our readers in the comment section below!

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