5 Surprising Things That Age You

5 Things That Age You

Aging is a natural process that everyone must and will go through. Different factors, however, determine how well and how quickly a person ages. There are obvious or well-known things that can cause aging and a shorter lifespan including smoking, stress and eating junk food. Apart from the glaring factors, there are those surprising factors that seemingly look harmless but can really cause rapid aging.


One very common sign of aging is hearing loss. Because of loud music through earphones, a lot of people begin to suffer a decline in hearing much earlier in life. Listening to loud music is not completely off the table as this can do less harm if the time for it is reduced. Reducing the amount of time you listen to music and reducing the volume of the music could help even better. Listening to music at a volume that the people around you cannot hear, with high volumes at extended time periods could cause permanent damage.

Losing the ability to hear properly can cause a person to be isolated, and this never goes well as we all need to be socially active.


It is known that plenty of sugar can contribute to weight gain, but sugar can also be compared to smoking and exposure to the sun when talking about wrinkles. Collagen on the skin is damaged when glycation occurs because of too much sugar. Previously springy collagen hardens and creates sagging skin and wrinkles.

Job and retirement

Having a job can really contribute to premature aging as it posses a high source of stress that leads speeds up aging cells. Many people also spend so much time working that there is little left to relax, exercise properly or eat well. This can also contribute to faster aging so a balance should be achieved to create room for everything that is important.

When retiring from a job, most people become less mentally active and as that level of activity declines so does healthy aging. Other activities that keep the brain active and retains the ability to think, make judgment and plan help with this problem.

Central heating

We could be accelerating aging of the skin unknowingly even after investing a lot of money into anti-aging products. Premature aging and forming of skin wrinkles, which can come about if the skin is too dry, can be caused by the central heating systems people usually have at home or at work.

Bed and pillowcase

Not getting enough sleep can bring up a lot of health problems but having too much sleep can have quick aging effects on the body. Your bed and pillowcase have a big part to play here.

The type of bed you sleep on should be comfortable enough to allow good sleep but not make you oversleep. Sleeping on one side of your face regularly against the pillow can cause skin creases that develop into wrinkles and fine lines. A satin pillowcase will reduce this from happening and sleeping on your back can prevent it completely.

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