5 Effective Ways to Improve Your Memory

5 Effective Ways to Improve Your Memory

The brain’s ability to memories content deteriorates as time goes by. Compared to early adulthood, the brain memory has declined. This might be as a result of disease attacks, stress, poor diet, lack of sleep, negligence, brain trauma etc. Our modern lifestyles also play a big role in the brain. Here is a list of five effective ways to improve your memory.

1. Stress Reduction

Various research results show that stress reduces the ability of the brain to memorize contents. One tends to lose his or her ability to ponder, store and even retrieve information in the brain. Disease and trauma also lead to brain shut down. The rate at which the heart pumps blood is very important.

There is a communication system that works from and to the brain and heart. This is through the sympathetic afferents and vagus nerves. As one control his/her breathe, there is also a controlling impact on the brain center which deals with registration, storage, and information restoration. Stress alters breathing rate in human beings. Avoid stress.

2. Nutrition

The food we eat or do not eat does affect the brain in various ways. Here is a guideline on the types of food that are essential to your brain.

  • Munch fresh vegetables. These veggies do contain healthy fats that are in measurable quantities. Not too much or little for your brain.
  • Do not take too much sugar and grain carbohydrates. If possible, one is advised not to consume them at all. It reduces the ability to memorize things.
  • Eat food that contains antioxidants and other components that protect the brain. This includes broccoli, curry etc. This stimulates the formation of new brain cells.
  • Consume animal-based omega 3 fats. This increases the ability of your brain to memorize and store information for a long period of time. An anti-inflammatory diet is highly recommended.

3. Get a Good Night Sleep

Sleep enables you to increase the ability of your brain to accomplish new tasks and try out new skills. It is highly recommended that you should have enough sleep. This enables the brain function effectively. If it is possible, one should ensure that he/she goes to bed at the same time every night and also wake up at the same time.

As you sleep, ensure that the radio or television is not on. You need a quiet environment. Infants tend to memorize various concepts easily as they grow each day. This is as a result of sufficient sleep.

4. Do Exercises

This might sound very hard and tedious. However, this is way easier than one might think. Exercising can be walking up the stairs instead of using the elevator, parking your car few meters away from your home and opting to walk, taking twenty minutes walk every day, doing isometric exercises.

These are just but a few simple exercising ideas. Exercises make the brain work at its optimum capacity. This is as a result of optimizing the ability of the brain nerve cells to multiply and also protecting them from any damages. You can also download mobile applications that offer different exercising tutorials. Set aside thirty minutes every day and do exercises.

5. Learn New Skills and Tricks

Challenging your brain is one of the most effective ways of increasing your brain memorizing ability. The brain deteriorates after you fail to challenge it with new tricks and skills. You can play video games that have various challenges that are hard to crack. There are websites such as the Brain HQ that offer programs which offer different exercises.

These exercises increase your brain’s memorizing ability. It also improves your skills and keeps track on your progress after every challenge. However, too much of this can make the brain wear out. However, it is not advisable to spend more than twenty minutes on this. You can also do physical activities that brainstorm your brain.

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