5 Exercises to Activate Your Core Muscles

5 exercises to activate your core muscles

Men and women alike have the typical fitness dream of having tight core muscles with six-pack abs. This dream is very far away from you if you experience muscle pains or a side of your muscles work harder than the rest.

The core is made up of the spine and the trunk. This part is responsible for stabilization and support in all your movements. The core is tasked whenever you turn, twist, bend your waist or hold your body in one place over a length of time. Core problems can be caused by different reasons including posture and sitting position. The core is a sensitive area and a problem at one end can affect the other like a problem with your spine can affect your neck and the other way round.

If your core does not function properly, other areas will try to compensate, but since they are not built to handle such stress, they are very likely to suffer procedure.

Core problems and exercises

The simple task of picking up a box involves lifting with your legs. This can, however, not happen unless your stomach is taut and stable. You may notice it is easier to complete certain exercises on one side of your body as opposed to the other when working out. This can cause the uneven development of muscles.

During different sports, the core is always working. When you play baseball, ice hockey, tennis, golf and other sports, you will be engaging your core. Some athletes place a lot of importance on evolving their trunk on one particular side that fluid movement becomes impossible at a point because that area has shut down from overwork.

Avoiding such problems is easy with core exercises specifically built to engage your core muscles.

Lower Abdominal Cross

low abdominal cross exerciseStart by lying down positioning your back flat on the ground and your left side right next to a wall. Cross your right knee over the opposite leg as you bend it to have your right foot right on the floor next to the wall. Steadily move the right thigh to the other side of your body till your knee is in contact with the wall.

At this stage, your right hip should be inches off the ground, and you should feel contractions in your lower abdominal muscles. Drive your knee into the wall if you desire additional resistance. Hold this pose for 6 seconds at a time and do it again 6 times. You can rest a few seconds as you move between sets.

Trunk Rotation

seated trunk rotation exercisesSit on the ground with a straight back and legs laid flat in front of you or sit in on a chair and let your knees bend. Cross both hands over your chest and revolve your trunk 45˚ right and you will feel your abdomen contracting on the right.

Hold the pose for 6 seconds. If you want added resistance, keep rotating your trunk as someone else pushes your left shoulder to the impartial pose.

Dead Bug

dead bug exerciseFor the starting position, lie on your back. Extend your arms out ahead of your shoulders as you remain on your back. Bend your knees and your hips at a sharp 90˚ angle. Next, you will secure and tighten up your abs as you press the lower part of your back on the ground. Take a deep breath.

Just as you are exhaling, steadily stretch out your left leg to the ground and bring your right arm above your head. Don’t allow your lower back to arch as you do this and maintain tightened abs throughout. Steadily take your leg and arm back to their former positions. Do the same thing with the opposite arm and leg and keep interchanging.

Back twist

back twist exerciseStart this exercise with your back flat on the ground and your left side near a wall. Always remember to keep straight legs. Join your legs together and set them at a slight angle, more or less a 10˚ angle, to the left side. Rotate your left leg inward only and do that as far as possible.

Keep that position for up to 6 seconds. Repeat the same position 6 times each on either side. Only rest for a few seconds between sets as you repeat. Take steps to add the amount of rotation with each new set you start.

Leg Lowers

leg-lower exercises

Lie down on the ground with your face looking upwards, and knees bent a little. Make your abs tight and steadily raise both legs till they are vertical to the ground.

Push your lower back into the ground and bring your legs down very close to the floor. Reverse the movement and go back to the starting position.

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