6 Ways to Get Stronger Without Lifting Weights


It’s not possible for everyone to have access to the necessary equipment for weight training. Most people tend to look for other alternative ways of increasing their strength. Using your body weight as the resistance is sufficient enough to burn your calories and build your muscles.

Below are six best ways that can make you much stronger without lifting a single weight.


squats to get stronger

Squats are the best exercises for the quads. There are different forms such as jump squats, single leg squats, and static squats. To warm up your legs, jump squats are the best. They will boost blood flow. This can be done in 3 sets of 5 minutes each. With single leg squats, you tend to suppress all your upper body weight to one leg.

There are four primary muscle groups which get involved. These are hamstrings, core, quads, and glutes. It offers training balance between your entire limbs. You require stability and mobility of your ankle, hip, and knee.

With a higher mobility, you get to gain more stability and strength. Static squats are also known as isometric exercises. For static squats, you will need to stay in a hold position for a specific period of time.

You have the option of either performing a low number of sets or a higher number of sets. Hold the position for a longer period. You can do longer periods until you feel that you can’t maintain a proper form anymore. This exercise is important in increasing your lower body strength without using weights.

Push-ups and Pull ups

pull ups stronger

This is the best way to increase your upper body strength. Chest, triceps, biceps, and shoulders are the main target. Just like squats, push-ups have different variations.

These variations are important in strengthening the muscle serratus interior which is the most vital muscle for keeping the scapula stable. Application of these variations will build your upper body to attain the strength that you desire. The variations include:

push ups stronger man

Single leg push ups

Adding more load on your upper body is important for the shoulders. This is possible every moment you lift one leg up when doing push-ups. When involving both legs, you usually have four contacts points. Lifting one leg up means that the contact points reduce to three and therefore this increases the load on the upper body as well as the core activation.

Single arm push ups

Involves the removal of one contact point. This means that the upper body workload will increase which in turn increases the strength of your shoulder stabilizers

Scapula push ups

This is a good warm up drill. It has an outstanding effect on the chest, biceps, triceps and the shoulders.


planks stronger women

For core and the back, planks are the best tops exercises to consider. There are different forms of planks which include: side planks, tons, and extended planks. Each form has a different level of challenge to different muscles.

Every moment you do them correctly, planks become important in building your strengths in muscles such as lower and upper back, chest, abdominal muscles and shoulders.



This is a good way of exercising your entire body. Jogging increases the strength of your arms and shoulders since the hands are always on the move. This increases the activation of the muscle serratus anterior of the arm. The thighs and other parts of the leg also become stronger.


crunches stronger
Crunches have the great effect on core strength and also help in toning the midsection of the body. All you need to do is to bend your knees, cross both of your arms and lift your shoulders upwards and pause for a few seconds at this position. Control the movement by slowly moving back to the floor.

Keeping fit not only increases your strength but it also improves our health. Saving a few minutes a day to exercise will help you improve your fitness.



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