Are There Benefits To Lifting Heavy Weights

benefits of lifting heavy weights

A lot of male and female gym goers tend to stick to cardio equipment as the bulk of their regular workout routines. This is sad but true, and it is mostly due to the huge misconception that weight training directly translates to becoming huge and muscular.

The truth about weight training

The fact is that weight training has more effects on bone density, fat loss, joint health and cardiovascular improvements. Working out with an elliptical, bike or treadmill is better than not putting any other efforts, but the frequency of using the machines can result in injury to the joints because of repetitive strain. Integrating weight training into your routine can help make the muscles around your bones stronger, firmer and less gullible to injury and severe discomfort.

Excessive cardio might result in atrophy or loss of muscle tissue, leaving your bones to a chance of damaged joints. Training full body movements and adding heavy-weight lifting results in more effective training results.

Banishing the myth of huge and muscular

Growing muscles is not only about heavy weight lifting, but a particular intensity and volume is also needed too. Our muscles won’t grow without all these factors. You can get stronger from lifting heavy weights and keep the volume low, so your muscles don’t grow. Don’t be afraid of lifting weights. Focus on the benefits it will have on you as an individual.

Why you should lift weights

Here are some reasons you need to be encouraged to lift heavy weights.

  • Burn body fat

You may have heard that the ultimate body fat burner is cardio. That might be true, but its effects cease once you get off that treadmill. Your body fat will keep burning throughout the day when you build muscle. When you lift weights, your lean body mass is developed, and this makes you burn body fat all through the day.

  • Achieve a more defined look

Those lean and very defined muscles you see and love on fit ladies come by lifting heavy weights. The heavier the weights they lift, the more defined they become. The low levels of testosterone ensure they cannot get bigger. So weight lifting is prospective to a more defined look.

  • Fight off osteoporosis

Consistency is the key here. After some time of consistent heavy-weight lifting, bone mass is maintained, and there is potential for the building of new bone. This is especially true for the high-risk category of women who have passed menopause.

  • Burn additional calories

Having a 1hour session of cardio compared to the same of heavy-weight lifting might show more calories were burned during the cardio session. Regardless of this, those who participated in the weight training workout go on to keep burning calories during the day and are seen to lose more calories than the cardio people after the day is done. These results are increased if the weight used is increased too.

  • Build strength quicker

To build muscle endurance, lighter weights should be paired with more repetitions. The key to increasing strength is increasing the weight used. For even better and faster strength building, add on compound workout moves like rows, squats and deadlifts to lifting heavy weights. The speed at which your strength will build will be amazing.

  • Lose belly fat

The fact remains that spot reduction is impossible because your body naturally has certain locations it wants to store fat. Studies have shown that many women who lifted heavy weights lost more deep belly fat than women who only did cardio. This can help you look better in a bikini with your belly pooch gone and also reduce your risks of metabolic syndrome, diabetes and some cancers.

  • Avoid injury

Your morning routine does not have to be plagued with sore knees and aching hips. Lifting heavy weights will help you strengthen the muscles that surround and support our joints which will, in turn, help you keep good form and strengthen the integrity of your form.


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