Benefits Of Weight Training That Outweigh Mere Developing Of Muscles

weight training benefits not just for muscles

Weight training is an essential fitness activity, and it outweighs the mere development of muscles. Weight training doesn’t just involve taking major rounds at the gyms. Since the food people eat constantly and their day to day activities can also make them overweight, weight training has evolved.

Obesity is a major problem, and that’s why achieving physical fitness is an integral part of a person’s health today. This has led to the development of new nutritional strategies that reduce the amount of oil intake and of fat produced in the body while keeping the person healthy and strong.

People that have to weigh more have higher risks of dealing with extreme health conditions especially when they have a family history of those health conditions. Also, having your weight lie mostly around your waist is even riskier.

Some people weigh about 20% more than the normal weight their height should be able to carry. These people are regarded as being obese. This is the major aspect that weight training is geared towards eradicating. When a person becomes obese, the immune system is weakened by a whole lot of factors.

Adequate weight training keeps you safe from conditions like:

1. Heart diseases and stroke.

An individual can become obese when he/she doesn’t engage in adequate weight training. The blood flowing through your blood vessels are severed by the accumulation of oil in the blood vessels. This is synonymous to having high cholesterol. And due to lack of exercise, the heart will not be pumping well enough to improve the flow of blood. This leads to heart disease and high blood pressure.

Nevertheless, with adequate weight training, you can avoid such diseases. It is proven beyond peradventure that losing from 5% to 10% of your body weight can reduce your chance of getting heart disease.

2. Cancer.

Even after menopause, it is advised that women keep engaging in weight training because most malignant diseases after menopause are linked to obesity. Cancer of the breast, the colon, kidney, endometrium (the womb lining) and cancer of the esophagus are related to obesity. Particular studies have also reportedly linked cancers of the ovaries, gallbladder, and pancreas to obesity.

3. Type 2 diabetes.

Most people with type 2 diabetes do little or nothing about their body weight. They are mostly overweight or obese. You can avoid developing this disease by engaging in regular exercise, balancing your diet and sleeping sufficiently.

4. Osteoarthritis

The joints found all over the framework of our body are cushioned by a soft tissue known as cartilage. It aids our movement so there wouldn’t be friction between the bone surfaces of our joints. But when our bones carry extra heavy pounds of our flesh, extra pressure is exerted on this cartilage until it begins to wear out.

The pain it brings is very unbearable. It is known as Osteoarthritis. It is a common among obese or overweight people linked joint condition that affects the knee, back or hip. It is advisable to keep at weight training to avoid such painful conditions.

5. Transient cessation of respiration.

This is sometimes referred to as Sleep Apnea, and it is linked to being overweight or obese. It is a breathing condition that causes heavy snoring during sleep. It also briefly stops breathing while sleeping. This breathing condition can trigger diseases such as stroke or heart diseases. It can be cut off by weight training.

Other diseases like Gout that occur when excess uric acids in the blood form crystals that are deposited in the joints are common with obese people.

Weight training is necessary for healthy living, and it should be a part of our daily life.


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