Effective Exercises for Triggering Pec Growth – Beyond Beginners Stage

pec growth workouts exercises

You probably know the basic exercises to build up your pecs quickly, and you are probably proud of your achievement. Did you know that additional exercises were available for you?

That’s right. Once you start building your pecs with the initial exercises, you can try one or many of the advanced exercises to make your chest even stronger than ever before. The following are three exercises that you can try to trigger additional pec growth:

Lifted  Push-Ups

Lifted Push-Ups

You can try lifted push-ups if your pectoral growth seems to hit a plateau. Some people may refer to them as elevated push-ups, as w ell. The key is to conduct your push-ups on a surface that is up a few inches from the ground.

You can use a weight belt for this exercise and keep adding weight to it as you need it. The best way to start is by exercising two to three times per week. That should kick-start your pec growth so that you can buff up.

Kettle Bell Exercises


Doing reps with a kettle bell instead of dumbbells will surely boost your growth speed. The reason that it can work for you is that kettle bells require much more energy from you than dumbbells do to move around.

Whatever weight you would have done the flies with on the dumbbells, do it with a kettle bell that is 10 pounds lighter. Try your repetitions every two or three days when you do your other pec exercises.

Incline Dumbbell Chest Presses

Incline Dumbbell Chest Presses woman

The incline dumbbell chest presses are some of the best exercises to boost your pec growth quickly.

The way that you do this exercise is quite simple. You lay back on a bench that you have set at a 45-degree angle, and you dig your feet into the ground and then put your arms about 60 degrees to your upper body.

Then, you slowly lower your dumbbells and then press all the way up. Squeeze your pectoral muscles when you get to the very end of the first reps. This will cause your growth to go into overdrive.

Try these few exercises if you think that your pec growth is stagnant. You may also want to get a good dose of whey protein, fish oil, creatine, D-3 and more in which you can find at www.amazon.com/supplements at affordable prices.

Those items will help you build your pecs nicely. Try the above-mentioned exercises for 30 days, and you should see a significant increase in muscle.

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