Feeling Burned Out? How To Overcome Exhaustion

feeling burned out how to overcome exhaustion

Being tired is natural at the end of a long day, but continuously feeling like you’re lacking energy and having no ability to get much done is another matter.

Exhaustion is so commonplace today in the modern world of crazy work hours and schedules that it’s often confused with other health conditions, and there are connections between the two.

For years, exhaustion has been associated with getting older and just not having the energy of a young person anymore. However, in reality, a lot of it has to do with insufficient time for the body to recover from constant or chronic stress.

Fatigue sensations begin to become noticeable when people hit middle age. No surprise this is also when they are dealing with an increasing amount of responsibility, stress, career demand, life changes and similar.

However, the loss of energy can be offset by planning ahead and giving the body what it needs when that stress demand hits. Here are some simple but effective ways of preventing fatigue in the first place:

Check Your Health

An immediate signal from the body that something may be wrong is exhaustion. That’s because the body is using its reserves to deal with a health problem, stripping away energy capability from less important functions.

So if exhaustion is regular and at odds times (like in the morning after a long night’s sleep), a doctor’s checkup might be in order. Further, medications have side effects, which can include impacting energy level. Again, a doctor can see these linkages immediately when asked. Eliminate this possibility first.

Exercise Regularly and Avoid Sitting All the Time

Sedentary lifestyles are a big contributor to exhaustion. It seems counterintuitive if the body is at rest and only the mind is working, but exercise really does boost the cardiovascular system.

That in turn boosts oxygen delivery and improves the body’s functions. We were not designed to be couch potatoes 12 hours a day and then sleep 8 more. Move around regularly and enough to get a bit of a heart beat going.

Get Your Yoga One 

The neat thing about yoga is that it can be done anywhere with space and it doesn’t require lots of prior training. And the results show that some simply yoga exercises can do wonders for improved energy, stress relief, better thinking, and balance.


The lack of fully hydration often causes fatigue and exhaustion over time. It also affects body functions which in turn drain energy and causes more physical fatigue.

Drink enough water every day to stay fully hydrated, and do it regularly around the clock. Hydration not only affect energy levels, it also affects concentration as well as your body’s ability to run properly internally.

Get Regular Sleep

Those who pull all-nighters and then jam out four hours of sleep to wake up early really should be asking why they are exhausted; the reason is obvious. Sufficient sleep every night is key to producing a good amount of energy the next day.

And it’s not just any sleep; the rest needs to be deep. Especially for those who snore and have sleep apnea, disturbed sleep disrupts the rest cycle, and you feel it the next day. If you have a sleep apnea problem, get it fixed with a CPAP machine to help breathing at night. It makes a huge difference and produces far more energy the next day.

There are other ways to help reduce fatigue, but these five approaches above are easy, simple to do and cost nothing or almost nothing to get started and apply.

There’s no reason not to try them since there’s not much to lose and whole lot to gain, like peace of mind and gaining energy. So why not try?

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