Is Green Tea Good for Weight Loss?

is green tea good for weight loss

We have all heard the health benefits of green tea, how it can help us live longer, help us be healthier, and help us lose weight.

Though there are literally dozens of stories about how green tea can change our lives, how much is fact and how much is fiction? When it comes to weight loss, green tea does have some health benefits to help you lose weight and learning what they are might help you decide to add it to your daily diet.

Green tea is first and foremost a great way to flush out toxins from the system. That being said, it helps to clean out the system by acting as a diuretic.

This means that it helps stimulate the production of urine and the flushing of waste from the body by way of the kidneys. This means that you are going to lose water weight when you drink green tea. It is important however to remember that not all green tea is created equally.

For starters, bottled green tea that comes from the supermarket already sweetened, is going to have far more calories than green tea that you brew at home and add artificial or low calorie sweetener to.

If you are drinking green tea with the hopes of losing weight, you should opt for home brew with no real sugar or with something natural like a bit of honey or a small bit of lemon. Green tea is always a great choice when it comes to drink over things like soft drinks.

It has also been found that caffeinated green tea does not help drinkers lose weight as well as decaffeinated. Caffeine has long been known to give people a high then follow with a crash which means that you are going to crave things like sugar to get your energy back.

A recent study found that decaffeinated green tea extract is the best way to lose weight with the help of green tea. It was found that taking 571mg of decaffeinated green tea extract helped users to lose more weight than others. Green tea also has antioxidants which means that it is going to help fight free radicals that we come in contact with every day.

Overall, green tea is a great way to boost energy, to flush the system, and to help stimulate metabolism. There are many supplements these days that include green tea as an all natural ingredient to help promote weight loss.

There have been studies that found that green tea promotes fat loss and helps the body to burn more calories, which is the best way to lose weight.

Green tea overall helps to promote weight loss and for those that do want to use caffeinated options, caffeine can help to promote energy and can also help with fat loss.

Green tea has been found to help with weight loss but it is no substitute for good old diet and exercise. For those that want to use green tea in their diet, it is suggested that you get green tea extract capsules so you get the benefits of green tea in a very concentrated form.

Though you can drink green tea to get the weight loss and health benefits, it would take drinking nearly ten cups a day to get as much good as you would from simply taking a capsule that has concentrated green tea in it.

There are also tons of snacks and foods that have green tea extract added to them to help give it a nutrient and antioxidant boost. For those that are looking for a supplement to add to their diet and exercise routine, green tea extract is a great natural alternative to things like diet pills that can have adverse effects.

Your health is a huge investment and though quick fixes like drinking ten cups of green tea a day might seem great, you can always add green tea to a healthy diet and exercise routine for quick and healthy results that last.

Green tea is a great way to start the process of getting healthy and can help you to feel great and do so in a very natural and safe way.


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